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About Us

The Interchurch Food Pantry of Johnson County is a partnership across churches, businesses and organizations in the community operated entirely by volunteers. Over 200 volunteers worked at the Pantry in 2016 distributing food, completing intakes, stocking, unloading trucks, working in the warehouse and cleaning.

The Pantry has MOVED

The Pantry moved to 211 Commerce Drive, Franklin, IN with its first day of serving families in the new location Monday, April 27, 2015.  The new facility has more space in order to serve those in need and allows families to select their food off shelves like in a grocery store. 

The Pantry is serving many more people.

The Interchurch Food Pantry serves more household visits each year.

2016: 20,295 household visits

2015: 16,827 household visits

2014: 12,093 household visits

2013: 8,831 household visits

The calendar year 2016 had an increase of 21% over 2015 and between 2-3 times those served in 2013.  The Pantry is open 6 days/week and on a typical weekday, 80-90 households are served.

Unduplicated households are the number of unique families that visited each year, counting each household one time only.

2016: 3139 unduplicated households

2015: 3134 unduplicated households

2014: 2675 unduplicated households

2013: 2085 unduplicated households

Who is Served?

The Pantry serves Johnson County residents that meet income guidelines of 185% of the poverty level or below. Clients may visit the Pantry twice per month.

Family Size Family Income Family Size Family Income
  Monthly Annual   Monthly Annual
1 $1,860 $22,311 4 $3,793 $45,510
2 $2,504 $30,044 5 $4,437 $53,243
3 $3,149 $37,777 6 $5,082 $60,976
For each additional household member add $645 to the monthly amount

In addition, other resources and referrals are provided to clients when possible.

New clients need to bring proof of residency in Johnson County.  This could be a piece of mail, bill, driver license  or something with your current address.   Social security numbers and proof of income are not necessary.

The Pantry exists through the support of over 45 churches, approximately 125 businesses, service organizations, local foundations as well as over 200 individuals and families.

Mission Statement:

The Interchurch Food Pantry of Johnson County will work to alleviate hunger in Johnson County.


Imagine… a world without hunger.

The Interchurch Food Pantry of Johnson County is a registered 501c3.


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